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10 tips How To properly Organize the Garage – Beware, your garage is not a rat’s nest

garageSome people think the garage is like a warehouse, lots of household goods placed in the garage without regard to the functions of the garage itself. And finally; garbage everywhere, the goods were scattered, the garage seemed to be narrow, or perhaps the worst thing could happen; your garage be a rat’s nest. This is very terrible, that you eventually have to close your garage to your neighbor.

And how to properly organize the garage so you do not need to be embarrassed to show your garage to your neighbor. The following are 10 tips on how to organize the garage with either :

Previously, thanks to Sheryl Owen for sharing tips with us.

1. Decide what your minimum objective is in organizing and make sure you at least make that happen.  So if your objective is to make sure that one car can fit into the garage (or one more), then make sure that you plan to clear enough space to achieve that goal.  In order to get the car in, all of these boxes or items must go.

2. Don’t buy items that have a low probability that you will be using them.  For instance that treadmill, elliptical machine, or exercise bike that you were eyeing last January.  Those things are generally always destined to join the junk in the garage (if you can carry the darn things out there).  They are large and eventually just a pain to keep moving around in the garage.  If you have a few like me, just sell them on craigslist or donate them and move on.

3. Unpack the boxes that are currently in your garage and use a very basic rule. If you haven’t used something in the last year, you don’t need it. Put it in a garage sale or donation pile (or the dumpster if it truly cannot be used by any other human). If it’s a collectible take it into the house where it belongs or simply sell it as the garage is not where collectibles belong.

4. Don’t store large amounts of gasoline, propane, or other highly combustible materials in your garage. These are a known fire hazard and they also are floor or shelf space hogs (for instance, before I started I had 5 5-gallon gas cans on the floor of my garage with about an inch of gas in each one). Another basic rule for garage items is that if it is not SAFE, then fine a proper way to dispose of it. The ideal scenario is that you keep chemicals and flammable items to an absolute minimum.

5. You know that old desk, entertainment center, and book shelf is really NEVER going to go back into the house. Do everyone a favor and donate that to a local charity, individual, or Goodwill. It’s eventually just going to fall apart outside and then be destined for the junkyard.

6. Bicycles should be hung using bicycle hooks or racks. They take up a shocking amount of floor space and generally never end up back where they started from (especially with kids). If you have a designated spot (hook) and enforce it then this will save you a lot of grief.

7. Sporting equipment should be stored together in a large tub or tubs that are clearly marked. How many times have you wanted to play catch only to not be able to find two gloves and a ball? It’s a great idea to keep like sports items together whenever practical.

8. Garbage cans and recycling bins also take up quite a bit of space but are a necessary evil. Just like your cars, you should plan your garage around these items; as you know you need to be able to freely get them in and out of the garage multiple times during the week.

9. Garden tools should also be hung on the wall using secure hooks being careful to attach each item in a way that keeps them from falling yet makes them very accessible. If you have hired a lawn service and don’t foresee ever letting the service go, then go ahead and let this equipment go (donate it).

10. The last item for me is to retire the objects of desire that once were fun projects you planned to get to one day. If that one day has been coming for more than a year… chances are very good it’s not coming. You should consider getting rid of that as well (a car you plan to eventually restore, an old motorcycle, the first personal computer you ever owned, the band saw you bought and don’t remember why, etc.).

source : changeofaddress.org

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