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3 chair designs from Ukraine designer Vasiliy Butenko

Comes from Ukraine designer Vasiliy Butenko here are 3 stunning chair designs: lobule chair (plastic), lobule chair and chair ok. Description from designer is after the jump…

Lobule chair (plastic)
Armchair louble (plastic), the variation of the chair louble made of plastic, which lowers level of durability.

Lobule chair
Simple but with expressive shape armchair will be perfect for any type of premises, not imposing but just adding other objects in the interior.
The form of the armchair looks like slices, and functionally it is the rocking chair. Framework executed in such way that the faces of the chair are rigid, and the core which designed for sitting – soft, that contributes for a pleasant rest.

Chair ok
Soft and smooth lines of the chair make it pleasant subject to touch. Bionic form only underlines the similarities with the environment. Chair ok can bring light accents to any interior, without affecting the general character of the room.

Thanks to Vasiliy Butenko. Follow Vasiliy Butenko on Behance – here.

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