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Acoustics sound modules from Architettura Sonora

Have you ever dreaming of the strains of beautiful acoustics sounded in your home – the sculptural “sound modules” from Architettura Sonora able to bring it to perfection. This “sound modules” are able to excite and re-design the acoustic perception of space. Unconventional shapes will allow dedicated sound composition or a simple music selection to be focused, projected, diverted, constrained or widened in order to re-design the sound experience of a human habitat. From city noise masking to sophisticated interior sound design, from therapeutic acoustic comfort to car audio design and urban events sound design. {Architettura Sonora} – once again, this is an example of a design aesthetic, besides the beauty of the sound produced, your home will feel more close to nature.

image by www.architetturasonora.com
via : contemporist

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