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Amazing cabinet inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” by Ontwerpduo

I really can not say anything when I saw this remarkable design, design that combines art and high level imagination. Direct course, please see, because we really do not know how to define it.

Perhaps by reading the article below you can understand this cabinet designed by Ontwerpduo.

Text from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ written by Lewis Carroll : via Ontwerpduo

Objects are how we perceive them to be. Our minds make things what they are and for us this is reality. Think of a branch hanging in the water. We see, with the refraction of light, the branch under the waterline in a different angle. But we know that in reality the shape of this branch is different. We learned how to see the world.

What if there was an instrument which would change the world into something that we find strange? And better, what if this instrument can also change it back?

Does the world really look how we think it is, or does the world look like we want it to be? This question can be asked by looking at this project, with or without this particular instrument.

I worked with the refraction of light as a basic principal for a new form language. I designed a different world, a strange world. In this new world there still is a possibility to go back to the world we know.

‘Showing the world for what it isn’t, or is it?’

With the instrument it is possible to reshape objects, spaces and architecture.

photography by : Lisa Klappe / www.lisaklappe.com
Ontwerpduo / www.ontwerpduo.nl

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