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Apartment Interior Decoration in Upper East Side, New York by Jendretzki

Apartment Interior Decoration by Jendretzki

Located on the Upper East Side-NY, the apartments that is designed by Jendretzki has a beautiful interior decor, quiet and comfortable. Supported with wooden floors and quality furnishings to create elegance and comfort. Room dividers are placed to separate the dining room and living room, wide enough to be the center of attention. The partition are made of wood that is designed as lattice and hanging on the ceiling to cover the dining area. In addition to beautify the interior, this partition could make apartment seem more spacious and on the other hand provide privacy to the dining room. You could visit Jendretzki site for more information about this apartment interior design.

Apartment Interior Decoration by Jendretzki
luxury dining room apartment
apartment room divider
apartment dining room
Apartment Interior Decoration by Jendretzki
Apartment Interior Decoration by Jendretzki
image by www.jendretzki.com

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