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Applying Purple and Art Deco for Calming Environment

If you love purple, then you better not to skip these pictures. These are the best sample of how dominant purple is possible for your interior. Many might think that purple is not the right color for walls or to take dominancy at the overall interior, but they’re wrong. Take a look at these pictures we collected and you’ll agree with us about how even such rare color of purple can be a good attraction to the interior when it placed properly and surely designed with high art sense. And also for you whom are considering to combine your favorite purple with art deco, these are the best sample for you.

Take a good look over these samples and see how the designer had combined the traditional art deco with purple and lilac nicely that it creates awesome interior. Pay attention also on the furniture placed in the living room. Though it is not colored purple, but the sunlight that entered the area produces nice color and blended everything in sight perfectly. Take a second also to notice the frame of those hanged pictures on the wall or the presence of special art deco decorations in around the home area. It gives the mysterious, classic, but relieving or calming tone to the overall design. Anyone who needs such relaxing place to calm down should really love this design.

Some colorful and fresh-look flowers are also added to the area that gives the life to it. Never to think that applying such dark color like purple or others will let your home area dark too. With the right placement, installation, and configuration of the lighting system, you can avoid all these unwanted things in it. Be sure you had arranged everything right before deciding to repaint your house with purple, otherwise you may end up with some losses in the future.

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