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Be Gone Winter Blues – Use Bright Color Accents


Use color in your home design to defeat the winter blues. Use vibrant colored upholstery, curtains, bed covers, pillows and vases. There really should be colors everywhere. Acquire a colorful painting for the residing space to liven it up. Some people even paint walls brighter colors for the winter months. I think that’s a little much but to each their own and if makes you feel better, go for it.

Lack of sunlight and the lack of color in the sky contribute to the “winter blahs.” You can help brighten your mood by using these colors:

  • Red – Red is a very intense color that has been proven to increase blood pressure and raise the heart rate. Introducing a little red in your home design for accents will do wonders for those blues.
  • Yellow – Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism. It should be used for accents and not in primary color designs.
  • Green – Green is a cooler color but shades of green can be relaxing and even induce cheerfulness.

Use accents of bright color in your interior design and rid yourself of the winter blues.

I love the red chair in this picture and I think the fireplace helps too!

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