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Beauty classic Baker sofa from 1951 design by Finn Juhl

This beautiful sofa has a classic shape, small feet with simple shapes reminiscent of the furniture in the ’50s. Finn Juhl designed this sofa for Baker Furniture Inc. in USA in 1951.

The sofa is upholstered in wool fabric with elegant and light construction of wood: walnut or teak.

Beauty classic sofa

Behold and imagine the interior design that is suitable for this beautiful sofa.

The sculptural forms are inspired by the modern free art, which interested Finn Juhl very much. The sofa has an upholstered body divided in two, resting upon an elegant and light construction of wood – a typical example of how Finn Juhl separated the elements in order to create a visual lightness. – onecollection

image courtesy onecollection.com.

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