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Best Adjustable Mattress from Essentia – FlexDrive Mattress

best Mattress from Essentia

Here is the new FlexDrive, adjustable latex mattress from Essentia. FlexDrive is a mattress with adjustable mechanism embedded inside the mattresses which enables precision movements for every zone; Leg, knee, back and head tilt. Featuring Essentia’s quad motor technology, the FlexDrive adjustable mattress is topped with Natural Memory Foam to offer optimal pressure relief for a level of comfort.

Besides adjustable bending mechanism feature, some of the benefits you get from this mattress is ergonomic support, full range of motion (leg, knee, back and head), improves blood circulation, no electromagnetic pollution while you sleep, wireless remote, reduces Acid reflux / heart burn, does not require any assembly (plug-and-play), can be used on any solid surface (box spring, platform, floor), can be accessorized with solid wood legs (making it a free standing unit), 4 motors as opposed to single under-mounted motor.{Essentia}

Adjustable Mattress from Essentia

image by Essentia
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