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Best Pillow from Serbian designers Bratislav Tasic and Uros Mihic – Nubo Pillow

Serbian designers Bratislav Tasic and Uros Mihic of BLOK has just sent us their great white Nubo pillow. Made of entirely from recycled paper tear this pillow/puff has 130/130 cm in size with white color.

best pillow

About Bratislav Tasic and Uros Mihic:
We are Bratislav Tasic and Uros Mihic are both from Serbia, where they first met and completed they early studies in Graphic Design. Years after, they met again in Milan, despite taking completely different routes: Uros read Interior Design at Politecnico while Bratislav went for Scenography at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. The intense craftsmanship characterising Bratislav and Uros production, together with a cahier de tendence of shapes, materials, colours, and a deep insight of most innovative techniques, bring their work close to the refinement and uniqueness of art. Difficult to portray these two minds. They move from arts to fashion, from design to video, so naturally as only the dreamers can. The enduring and nearly obsessive search for perfection always implies that all objects and decorations are directly hand-made by them.

best white pillow
Nubo Pillow
visit Bratislav Tasic and Uros Mihic blog – the3blok.blogspot.com

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