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Bungalow Renovation “Fairview Residence” in Cincinnati Design by Terry Boling Architects


From the architects “This house is an addition and renovation of an existing bungalow in Fairview Height, near the University of Cincinnati Campus. The prominent feature of the site is a spectacular view of he entire Ohio River Valley from East to West. To capitalize on this condition, a new 2 storey addition was added to the rear of the existing house. The addition maximizes allowable height and area by building above the overhang line of the existing structure. The new construction is clad in shingled, copper panels that will be allowed to patina naturally. New window openings are also framed and clad in copper. The South facade will have an external sun and privacy screen composed of sliding, perforatd copper panels. The enclosed spaces on the first floor are detailed like free standing furniture : The kitchen area is lined in stainless steel and custom cast concrete work surface, while the bathroom is lined with limestone and clad with birdseye maple plywood.”

kitchen Fairview-Residence-in-Cincinnati-by-Terry-Boling-Architect
interior Fairview-Residence-in-Cincinnati-by-Terry-Boling-Architect
interior Fairview-Residence-in-Cincinnati-by-Terry-Boling-Architect
stair Fairview-Residence-in-Cincinnati-by-Terry-Boling-Architect
walkway Fairview-Residence-in-Cincinnati-by-Terry-Boling-Architect
window Fairview-Residence-in-Cincinnati-by-Terry-Boling-ArchitectFairview Residence in Cincinnati Design by Terry Boling Architects

For further detail visit Fairview Residence” in Cincinnati Design by Terry Boling Architects.

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