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Pulseline wall bookshelf design by Mans Salomonsen

Posted by admin on June 5, 2010

Pulseline wall bookshelf from Mans Salomonsen is inspirated by the line that illustrates the heart beat. It is a prototype shelf made of 3mm sheet metal and the edge is painted with fluorescent green that glows in blacklight. Beautiful wall bookshelf design.

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Wood bookshelves from wood and cotton rope by Amy Hunting

Posted by admin on May 5, 2010

“What can you do with blocks of wood and cotton rope?” that’s the dogma of this bookshelf design from the designer. Designed by Amy Hunting, Norwegian furniture designer and illustrator, currently living in London, this bookshelf made from wood and cotton rope.
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New contemporary bookcases collection, Italian bookcase style by Doimo Design

Posted by admin on

This is the new contemporary bookcases collection from Italian manufacturer Doimo Design, bookcases with italian style design is perfect for modern contemporary homes living area decoration. Give a personal touch in accordance with your style in your home interior decorating with this Italian-made bookcase.
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Form Wall Shelf, handmade wall bookshelf by Jon Goulder

Posted by admin on April 2, 2010

Designed by Jon Goulder this is Form Wall Shelf, handmade wall bookshelf a freeform carve from solid Walnut. Available for collection in a limited edition of nine. The nature of a freeform carve ensures that each individual piece is unique. Views of the shape and style of the carved designs, this bookshelf is worth it in a for a limited edition. Artistic design without compromising functionality. [image by: jongoulder]
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Graffititek bookshelf by Charles Kalpakian – glow in the dark

Posted by admin on April 1, 2010

Designed by French designer Charles Kalpakian this is Graffititek bookshelf, inspired by Parisian Graffiti art and aims to offer new perspective on the craft by reinterpreting it in a three-dimensional way. Comes with mounted light lamps for helping to choose book in the dark and to create a very dramatic effect. This is a work of functional art is amazing, please see pictures below, enjoy. – via – DD
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Lighterie, multifunctional bookcase / display unit from Tonelli Design

Posted by admin on March 22, 2010

Lighterie is a product from Tonelli Design that was introduced in 2003. You may think why we give you a design for 2003, considering today is 2010. Look at the shape and design of this Lighterie, you’ll find the answer. Simple with elegant finishes, Lighterie is a design that will not be outdated. Right, elegant finishes combined with the magic of the lit glass for this multifunctional bookcase/display unit with shelves that are crossed by a shaft of light. Lighterie available in three different finishes: wengè, bleached oak and aluminium laminate. Please visit Tonelli Design site for further information. [image by: Tonelli Design]

Modular aluminium bookcases from Fitting – MEZZA PYRAMID series

Posted by admin on March 19, 2010

Designed by Fitting, Italian first modular furniture system company that was established in 1960. This is MEZZA PYRAMID a modular bookcases with aluminium framework. A very good design, I like the idea of design in this style, visualize objects from the Egyptian pyramids to be a Bookcases, amazing. I was not really like into the aluminium material, but in this case, Fitting has been successfully made me really interested. This bookchases available in various series, and with two choice of materials, aluminium black and aluminium silver. Take a look, this is another option for your home interior. For further detail series and specification about this bookcases you should visit Fitting site. [image by: Fitting]

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Konnex, super versatile shelf system by Florian Gross

Posted by admin on March 17, 2010

Designed by Florian Gross, this is Konnex new shelf system with super versatile system so you can put it together in several ways. It has a contemporary appearance and would fit in most places. The shelf system is a basic cube set, which can be assembled according to the need of the house. It can also be moved into a similar cubicle shape already present at home. The design in total features about six cubes with slits. Each cube can be fixed to the slit of the other and a compact voluminous shelf can be created. When not in use, the cubes can be placed one inside the other, allowing it to occupy minimal space. if you are interested in, please visit Konnex site for further information. [source: FH]