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Tree bookshelves, Fargus bookshelves from AL 26.98 Design

Posted by admin on March 14, 2010

Fargus is a bookshelves product from AL 26.98 with design like a tree, more precisely trees in autumn, a tree branch in use to organize your collection of books, like the strands of leaves to fall. You are free to put it anywhere in your house, minimalist design, high art, but without removing the main functions of the bookshelves as a set of books. Take a look, I hope it’s will give you another option for a bookshelves. For further detail specification please visit AL 26.98 Design site.

Book Porcupine, book storage with stout legs against the spines of the books sticking out

Posted by admin on March 13, 2010

Designed by Holly Palmer this is Book Porcupine, storage for your favourite books. The name of the “Book Porcupine” is given in reference to its silhouette, the stout legs against the spines of the books sticking out at various angles and degrees. This book storage designed with 18 sections in various sizes and to sit beside a standart chair, so you can easily reach it while reading in your easychair. Take a look, and you will not be able to imagine where this idea came, I loved it, incredible. Please visit Holly Palmer site for detail specification and prices.

A tree becomes a book becomes a tree – book shelf from Designartist Shawn’s

Posted by admin on March 5, 2010

Made from powder coated metal with weight 22,5kg, this is a book shelf designed by Designartist Shawn’s. This concept was inspired from Designartist Shawn’s early memories of sticking letters on tree branches. Initial concept of this design is ‘A tree becomes a book becomes a tree’ with name “Tree Bookshelf”, a tree-themed bookshelf which changes form dynamically as books are stacked up and removed from the tree branches. Books become flowers of the tree, and indeed part of the artwork itself in its day to day use. The extraordinary functional art from the extraordinary designers.