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Stylish black dresser with sexy drawers

Posted by admin on April 26, 2011

Pretty dresser from Vancouver Judson Beaumont, this chic furniture is designed for Straight Line Designs Inc.

Black Dresser

Called Little Black Dresser, it has several drawers to put everything you like such as small accessories and etc. Comes with 14” W x 46”H x10” D in dimensions, this stylish dresser is made of MDF, maple veneer and aluminum. Beauty, chic and stylish, it’s what lady needed.

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Plus One for small spaces storage solution

Posted by admin on April 3, 2011

Plus One from Matthias Ries provide unique storage solutions for small room. Made of bent plywood and veneered in walnut or maple, Plus One is a small modern neat container that is provide room for more book or other small accesories. It’s so cute one.

small spaces storage furniture

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Wavy Shelf to express the beautifulness of space division

Posted by admin on February 15, 2011

The wavy shelf from Sang Hoon Kim is designed to express the beautifulness of space division. The designer gave the geometrically vertical and horizontal divisions to composed of seemingly unstable curves, in order to make the audiences feel stability from an instable furniture.

First saw it, I immediately remembered with the amazing cabinet by Ontwerpduo that was inspired by Alice in Wonderland below, but this is something different.

Wavy Shelf by Sang Hoon Kim

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Wooden Heap unique hidden storage by Switzerland designer Boris Dennler

Posted by admin on January 23, 2011

Switzerland designer Boris Dennler has designed Wooden Heap, unique hidden storage. According to the designer, the Wooden Heap project wants to invite the public to see beyond appearances. Create the unexpected and the surprise. Remove any traces of furniture which hides inside. It makes reference to the radical designers of the movement of the anti-design of the 70?s. It is also a wink from all the objects since the antiquity that hide their real function: the sham, the misleading appearance, as a hollowed out book hiding a weapon or a tip-up wall looking onto a secret passage. Further detail and prices please visit Boris Dennler website.

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Storage Cupboard for Living Room and or Bathroom

Posted by admin on December 7, 2010

Hiroshi Kawano Design has designed BonBon Cupboard cabinet system that was inspired by traditional sweets from Europe.
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All-in-one Closet make Clothing Storage became more convenient

Posted by admin on

Chia Pei Lu have designed All-in-one Closet. All-in-one Closet is an adjustable closet that can be adjusted by the amount of clothing it stored.
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36 Drawes in Solo Storage Box

Posted by admin on November 7, 2010

drawers storage box

Consists of 36 drawers with various lengths and sizes, the interactive storage space is designed to enhance visual appeal and functionality of the furniture. Designer Franck Tawema designing Solo Storage Box with a focus on size and monochrome color, black and white. Glance, this storage looks like a cube that neatly stacked, and with 36 drawers that are close together of course you need a system of a good label structuring. read more »

Sierra Cabinet by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Dune

Posted by admin on October 29, 2010

Sierra cabinet

Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune and manufactured by Dune, this is Sierra cabinet. Comes with a unique design with a sculptural allure, this cabinet was created with careful aesthetical balance and harmony maintenance. The doors are engineered with intricate precision to create a vibrant 3-D pattern on its surface and than covered with reconstituted (green) wood veneer that runs in different directions. Quality and refinement every corner reflects the grandeur of this cabinet. read more »