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Belly cabinets by Laurens van Wieringen – designed for dear person

Posted by admin on April 5, 2010

Designed by Dutch designer Laurens van Wieringen, this is Belly cabinets, a private unique furniture that was designed for their client to commemorate a dear person. – via – modresdes
This is some explanation about this Belly cabinets from Laurens :
“A private client asked us to design a unique piece of furniture to commemorate a dear person. It has been a honor to work on such an unique commission! We have worked on the Belly Cabinet with great pleasure. The Belly Cabinet, with its extrovert belly shape and bright red color, is made to largely define the entrance of the living room. The chest of drawers consists of five layers from which drawers were cut, pushed back & forward creating its shape.” [image by: Laurens]
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EO, storage cabinets from Interluebke – five different colors of light to fit your taste

Posted by admin on March 16, 2010

Designed by Prof. Wulf Schneider & Partner for Interluebke, this is EO, a beautiful, innovative and functional storage cabinets furniture. A quick eye to see, this cabinets look like box shaped such as the cabinet in general, but look at the lights when the lamp is turn on, incredible. The combination of wood materials, metal and glass was able to bring the coolness of your room with perfect lighting, wall of the cabinet is made of transparent glass so that light can be seen from the outside. You are free to choose from five different colors of light to your taste. For futher detail specification from this amazing cabinets you should visit Interluebke site. Take a look. [image by: Interluebke]

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