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Sophie, simplest modern chair from Sand & Birch

Posted by admin on March 1, 2010

Designed by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro in 2008 for Sand & Birch, Sophie is a luxury modern chair simplest design. It simplest design yet elegantly modern can complete your contemporary interior design with modern concept. Completely carbon-fibre made, extra-light, elegant and resistant, Sophie is available in her shiny black, white and violet. This chair is only some millimetres thick, that’s why she has a unique sophisticate and pleasant line. read more »

3 Kids chair with attractive colors for active kids

Posted by admin on February 24, 2010

NewsHouse-Chair. Maybe now you’re looking for a chair or sofa that is suitable for your child, a comfortable chair with attractive colors and safety materials. Here in Newshousedesign is the perfect place to visit and searching for. Is Adrenalina, italian company that produces furniture for baby seat, by providing some design models can be your choice. And here is three products from Adrenalina, Nuda Baby, chair with a combination of long sofa like beds, ideal for your active child. Op Baby, cute little chair with a colorful suitable placed to any child’s room. Symbol Baby, this seat is most secure and comfortable when seen from the model, designed with consideration that is based on the pattern of a very active child. So which is your choice ?

Modern armchair R 15, ride to rest you in comfort

Posted by admin on

NewsHouse-Chair. R 15, at first glance sounds like a name of plane or a sports car in Formula 1, but this is not name of plane or a sports car, it’s name of a chair, design idea from Redo Studio. The chair is intended for luxurious apartment interior or house with modern concept. Chairs are available in variety of colors, so it is easy to integrate in almost any room. Made with high-quality materials, wide shape and deep like an inflatable seat sofa, completed with furniture features broad armrests to ensure your comfortable. Are you like it? – via – The Design Blog
Take a look …

Go green with recyclable Lyta armchair

Posted by admin on February 16, 2010

Designed by Ronen Kadushin for German manufacturer Movisi. LYTA is lightweight armchair seating with only 11 kg makes enables people at any age to move it around for cleaning or just for rearranging. With a specially developed fitting method, this LYTA’s cushions and the covers are easy to remove for washing. The structure of the LYTA chair is made from ARPRO Expanded Polypropylene, which is basically tupperware with 95% air inside, it’s 100% recyclable.

The most important is the ergonomic design that makes everyone feel comfortable when sitting in this chair.

Lyta lightweight armchair from Movisi read more »

Gaivota – New leather armchair for 2010

Posted by admin on February 15, 2010

Gaivota chair has finished designed by Ricardo Fasanello for Etel Interiors. Elegant curve with splendid leather and integrated armrests is presented makes Gaivota become a modern armchair. The Gaivota features is a wide seat and made of luxurious leather which offers you smooth and sleek design, completed with spotless stitch lines and loveable color. With 83 x 105 x 62 inches Gaivota chair fit for small or large space… For further detail please visit Etel Interiors.

Enjoy the picture below and imagine you seats there…

Leather armchair design ideas from Etel Interiors read more »

Prefect relaxation with Lane Chair

Posted by admin on

Designed by Busk + Hertzog for Cairo, chair which was named Lane Chair is designed specifically for your relaxation. Designed in smooth and clean lines, with a pillow for the neck and integrated with the footstool, this chair will provide the perfect relaxation experience for you. It will be perfect to have it in your home, to accompany you relax listening to music, or read your favorite magazine while accompanied by a cup of tea. Made from a combination of wool and polyamid with high quality, these seats will actually be a decent furniture you have at home.

The red one is after the jump.

Lane Chair, chair furniture design ideas from Cairo read more »

Modern bed chair design for living room/bedroom

Posted by admin on

This is Bed Chair Cardini Uno a modern design bed chair for your living room or bedroom. Chair offers high comfort level as well as its distinctive and modern design. Folded out, Cardini Uno turns into a fully-fledged spare bed, consuming considerably less space at the same time. Bed Chair Cardini Uno made with meterial 100% polyester, lying surface with polyurethane foam and steel frame. Please visit Fashion 4 Home for product detail information.

And here some images to inspire you about this chair.

Modern bed chair design for living room or bedroom-Bed Chair Cardini Uno
Modern bed chair design for living room or bedroom-Bed Chair Cardini Uno read more »

Vita, Mid century seating collection from Thos. Moser

Posted by admin on February 13, 2010

Like Thos.Moser says, the Vita Seating Collection is like mid-century/classic mashup. Yes it mid-century/classic style furniture collection but its also a great example of the right way to blend both modern and classic designs together to create balance. Created with elegant pieces that look every bit as comfortable to pamper you while sitting in this chair. Further detail please visit their site. – via – DM
Mid century furniture seating collection from Thos. Moser
Mid century furniture seating collection from Thos. Moser read more »