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Golden Egg Chair to customize your Interior Decor

Posted by admin on November 21, 2010

Designed by Onur Mustak Cobanlı, Golden Egg Chair is an elegant and exotic chair inspired by the Easter Eggs. A touch of luxury be seen clearly on the outer surface with gold color. This beautiful chair is made of fiberglass that is casted and then chromed for the outer tough part, whereas the inner part is made soft using polyurethane foam covered by leather. “eggshell” around on both sides provide privacy if needed. Modern interior, luxury apartment, or house with a classic style, we believe that this chair can customize any type of your interior decor.

via : homeqn, omcdesign

Exotic Chair Designs for Glamour Interiors

Posted by admin on November 9, 2010

Exotic Chair Designs from Sicis Next Art

Designed by Carla Tolomeo for Sicis Next Art, this is limited-edition collection of chairs and settees encrusted with Sicis mosaic. It’s a new approach to furniture design. We liked the way the designer in interpreting an art into furniture, an example is how the designer interprets nature in a surreal way, transforming a piece of furniture into an abstract butterfly, and a rose into a blooming mount of pillows. All of this exotic chairs collection are presented with the best workmanship and attention to every detail that offers the top Italian quality. read more »

Rubber Stool – Environmentally Friendly Furniture from Japan by H220430

Posted by admin on October 24, 2010

rubber stool from japan

Rubber Stool from H220430 Japanese design studio is a stool made of recycled rubber. H220430 made it from recycled materials because it realizes the negative environmental impact of tropical trees cutting down. They hope that this Rubber Stool is widely used as one of the use of recycled rubber and it will be a trigger that people realize the situation of deforestation to make rubber. This Rubber Stool very simple, just bent piece of rubber plates and holding the leg with bolts. read more »

Classic Seating Collection from Maxine Snider

Posted by admin on October 9, 2010

Classic Chair

Maxine Snider always brings something new to the furniture designs. Some of the names of Maxine Snider furniture inspired and influenced by the ideas of daily life, French modernists, Scandinavian design, and the simple beauty of Japanese everyday objects. In addition, his ideas also inspired by art and fashion. read more »

Bamboo Chairs Design from Jun Zi

Posted by admin on September 29, 2010

Bamboo Chairs

Designed by Jun Zi, this is Bamboo Chair. By hearing that name, I’m sure you already know that this chair is made of bamboo, exactly once. This beautiful chair is made entirely of bamboo. The chair have a simple geometric form and it’s composed of rounded box-shaped frames made of bamboo slats. read more »

Portable and Functional Stools from Clab4design – Sgabellox Stools

Posted by admin on September 27, 2010


This is the design of furniture (not just electronics) that respond to the times, when people are required to keep moving, while it also required something that is portable and functional. Sgabellox is a stool from Clab4design composed of three pieces, which may be easily assembled in a few seconds. It is provided with a string that may be used as a handle or a shoulder strap, to either hang the stool on a wall, or carry it around with you. Sgabellox comes in two different versions : read more »

Custom Dining Benches by Jones | Haydu

Posted by admin on September 26, 2010

Made of one slab of FSC certified black walnut, this custom benches was designed by Jones | Haydu.

Custom Dining Benches

These benches were made from one slab of FSC certified black walnut. They were carefully sized to be used modularly with an extendable table. The banches provide a casual and communal feel for the dining experience, while the craft and detail of the benches allow for formal gathering.{Jones | Haydu}

Custom Dining Benches
Custom Dining Benches
image by www.joneshaydu.com

RH-305 de Sede Switzerland Furniture Chair

Posted by admin on September 22, 2010

Switzerland Furniture Chair

Designed by Robert Haussmann for de Sede Switzerland furniture. This is a re-edition of the chair that ever recognized its elegance and style in the 1950s. Robert Haussmann managed to maintain the elegance of this beautiful chair. read more »