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Fashionable Optical pouf from Sand & Birch

Posted by admin on January 13, 2011

Sand & Birch always presents an attractive design for chaise lounge chair designs, beautiful and stay comfortable as a lounge. And here the latest enjoyable and fashionable creation from Sand & Birch’s studio.

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MUS Modular Sofa by Spanish designer Francesc Rifé

Posted by admin on January 7, 2011

Another modular sofa should you make a collection, MUS is a modular sofa and it’s composed of various elements, including a chaise lounge and puffs, it’s also can go with auxiliary furniture such as coffee tables, side tables or accessories such as magazine racks and garden boxes. Full description is after the jump.

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Capsule Seating Collection by Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook

Posted by admin on December 15, 2010

Designed by Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook for their furniture brand Deadgood. Here are Capsule seating collection.

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JALIS sofa with special upholstery to provides support and fabulous comfort

Posted by admin on December 12, 2010

Jehs + Laub has designed JALIS sofa for the manufacturer, COR. JALIS is taken from the Arabic, which means the magical word for relaxed communication, comfortable in any circumstances.

Description from COR:
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Contemporary Suita sofa from Vitra

Posted by admin on December 1, 2010

Suita from Vitra are comes as a classic sofa with modern elements to giving a contemporary, lightweight but still industrial and technical look. The soft-worked padding’s seem to float on top of the bridge-like feet made of polished aluminum which bears resemblance to the American mid-century design. Born from a combination of Italian flair for lightness and elegant workmanship and Swiss industrial quality, suita sofa will be the best contemporary sofa collection for your living room.
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Modern Furniture Trends – V-two by Korean Studio DesignJoo

Posted by admin on November 28, 2010

modern furniture trends

There are lots of innovation and new ideas for a furniture design, V-two from Korean Studio DesignJoo is a compact furniture which lets you customize the interior decoration only with pushing it in or pulling it out. It’s the changeable furniture design letting users transform it whenever they want to make it more suitable to the organization of the space. It doesn’t take a fixed shape but is unique customized furniture. V-two prove that space saving furniture appears to be modern furniture trends.
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Comfortable Double Chaise Longue from Sand & Birch

Posted by admin on November 25, 2010

Chaise Longue by Sand & Birch

Designed by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro – Sand & Birch Design studio. Double Chaise Longue created from the question below:

Did you ever wonder about how primitives might elegantly have a nap after long and exhausting hunting and fruit picking days?

Designers answer the above questions with Double Chaise Longue design, the following is a description of the answer:

Maybe the first chaise longue in history looked just like this: a huge dinosaur bone abandoned by a predator – or maybe buried by a glaciation – found by men and decorated with leather to serve as a relaxing couch after working hard.

This comfortable chaise longue is made of alcantara or soft leather and edged along the sides with big leather seams. Come with roomy and funny shape, Double is perfect both for one or two people.

image courtesy Sand & Birch

Sofa which can be transformed into a Bed – Easy Sleep Sofa by Luca Scacchetti for Domodinamica

Posted by admin on November 2, 2010

sofa beds

Designed by Luca Scacchetti for Domodinamica, this is Easy Sleep Sofa. The versatile sofa that can serve as a sofa in general and can be functioned as a bed with a little transformation.

Easy Sleep Sofa description from Domodinamica:
The sofa can be covered in fabric and finished in leather or pleather. Inside can be completed by a sheet-bag. Sofa realized in polyurethane resins shaped and bending on it shelf. When occured can be opened and transformed in bed. The polyurethane density (40 kg/mc) grants the best comfort either insitting or in bed position. Covering by joining of fabric and leather or pleather like per sample collection. Sheet set includine bag and pillow cases. read more »