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Sofas and sofa-beds collection by Peter Ross

Posted by admin on April 15, 2010

Design by Peter Ross for Bonaldo, this is collection of sofas and sofa-beds with wooden structure, aluminium or cherry varnished beech base or dark brown. This collection is called “Luigi_King Luigi” where each composition enriched with square and rectangular cushions. Enjoy this inspirational pictures below and for further information please visit Bonaldo site. [image by: bonaldo]
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The Ito wall bed with adjustable sofa from Bonbon

Posted by admin on April 13, 2010

This is The Ito, wall bed with adjustable sofa from Bonbon. The Ito is fronted with a comfortable adjustable sofa, the unit transforms with one simple movement into bed without having to move any objects at all, the shelf becomes a support for the bed, sofa covers are fully removable and can be washed or dry-cleaned depending on the selected fabric. The design is suitable for those of you who have problems with small room. You can order this multifunction sofa at Bonbon site by clicking here. [image by: bonbon] – via – bonbon
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Slim a modern modular sofa from Stephane Perruchon – build your own ideal sofa

Posted by admin on April 8, 2010

Designed by Stephane Perruchon, this is Slim a modern modular sofa consist of sofa seater, turn and chairs with or without rack. Designers successfully integrate the concept among sofa with a practical storage place for books and some favorite magazines. What makes this interesting is that each element of sofa is covered with leather gold or alcantra. This modern modular sofa looks very trendy and perfect for your modern living room, you are free decorate every corner of your room according to your tastes with Slim sofa. Please visit Stephane Perruchon for further detail specification. [image by: stephaneperruchon]– via – DD
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“People” modular comfy sofa from Primafila – assemble sofa as you please

Posted by admin on March 31, 2010

This “People” modular comfy sofa from Primafila. The clean lines and simple, geometric design makes this modern sofa ideal for contemporary style homes. You can adding functionality into the mix, the modular design means you can go as big, as small or as oddly shaped as you need to, making this furniture set a perfect fit for compact homes. Assemble the sofa as you please. Made of four and six-cube configurations, these two parts are your building blocks for an endless array of seating selections. I really love modular sofa, how about you ? ….. Please visit Primafila site for more comfy soda design idea. [image by: Primafila] – via – HK
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Dunder buildable modular sofa from Bla Station – trend design for 2010

Posted by admin on March 6, 2010

This is new sofa from Bla Station, designed by Stefan Borselius, Dunder name for this sofa is buildable modular sofa that can be adapted to the environment into a sofa placed. Taking contrasting colors of yellow, blue and white, this sofa can be a trend in this year. Simple shape is easy to get set it in your room, ideal for interiors with a contemporary minimalist design, or you can also combine in a modern living room design. Dunder is also available as a chair. Please visit Bla Station site for further detail information.

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Outdoor sofa collection from Roberti Rattan – maximum weather resistance

Posted by admin on

Made from combination of aluminum, SunWeave and Sunloom (cable made of polyethylene), this is sofa collection from Roberti Rattan really designed to outdoor furniture, all materials provides maximum weather resistance. The table top and accessories are in very nice teak eyes as strong in its essence. Unique design, striking color will give your own personality. All collections in the design by Adriano e Veronica Balutto, G.V. Plazzogna and Giorgio Del Piero. Enjoy the picture below, select the one that fits with your personality, for further information please visit Roberti Rattan site.

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Classic-modern sofa from Porada – blend of strong frames and comfy sofa

Posted by admin on March 5, 2010

Strong impression, with a base made of brown wood and classic black look at this sofa collection from Porada. A perfect blend of strong frames, dark wood with light-colored sofa completed cushions on them, see how every corner of the timber is designed as a shelf to store books or decorative accessory. This classic-modern sofa perfectly functioning on all sides. Take a look and for further detail specification you should visit Porada site.

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3 Modern outdoor sofa from free-line – ready to pamper you while sunbathing

Posted by admin on

This three outdoor sofa collection from free-line. Sunbed lounger, fantastic bed for two people, designed double completed with umbrella standing on the side, could be your choice sun lovers to spend time with your sweetheart. Outdoor oasis, sofa with upholstered cushions, circular design 360-degree, you can bring a lot of friends to just relax enjoy the sun, can also split into two parts of 180-degree to fit your taste. The Island collection also includes a circular sofa set with a matching coffee table, and the Island lounger. All sofa can pamper you in all situation. Visit free-line site for further specification.

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