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Moduluxe sofa by Michael Malmborg

Posted by admin on February 27, 2010

NewsHouse-Sofa. Designed by Michael Malmborg for LYX this sofa created for people who want a contemporary piece with a strong presence, but also a relaxing place to dwell. Despite its architectural lines the level of comfort is very high. By using memory foam that adapts to your body, we turn a modern square sofa into a blessing for your body. And it does not only adjust to you physics, but also to you taste and requirements.

Moduluxe is a fully flexible design that allows you to design the perfect sofa, using a number of modules. And not only can you combine different types of upholstery like soft Swedish leather and fine Danish fabric. You can also select a base for the sofa that matches your style. – via – LYX

Kube Basic, modular comfy sofa design from Linea Italia

Posted by admin on February 25, 2010

NewsHouse-Sofa. Designed by Zerotrearchitetti for Linea Italia, this is Kube Basic sofa set. Kube is available with various versions of the seven arm rests, leaning his arm back and arms back to rest. Modular design allows to put the pieces as you wish, because this design uses individual seats that can be changed alone, arms and back seats. The layout of the pieces can also be changed in accordance with the occupant conscience, independent pieces of this amazing can be re-configured at any time, so changes in the design space needs to flow with the mood everyday. – via – Interior Home Design

Here is Kube Basic sofa from Linea Italia, for more picture and furhter detail specification you should visit Linea Italia site.

18 New sofa collection from Circulo Muebles

Posted by admin on February 22, 2010

NewsHouse-Sofa. The living room can reflect the character of the house owner, selection and arrangement of furniture and color selection on the interior walls is a reflection of the characteristics of inhabitants.
If a black or dark brown is not your choice, you can choose the white color for your family room. Rests on a chrome metal legs, with leather on it looks simple, but filled with modern approaches. Colors of furniture is very good to create more living space, if necessary you can also add a cushion with a striking color to match with this sofa. Sofas Circulo Muebles collection using only the best quality ingredients to ensure you get the best comfort.

Take a look, pick one that you like, for further detail specification and prices you should visit Circulo Muebles site.

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Comfy sofa collection from Eilersen

Posted by admin on February 16, 2010

If you’re looking for a sofa to your home interior design, here we collect for you some collection of modern contemporary sofa furniture from Danish manufacturer Eilersen. There are different model available with several soft colors choices to add a minimalist style and look for your home interior space. – via – DCD

Take a look and I hope this inspire you for your home interior design.

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Indonesia’s Sofa collection from La Maison Coloniale

Posted by admin on February 11, 2010

There are some Indonesia’s Sofa collection from La Maison Coloniale carved by Indonesian craftsmen. Most Sofa has covered with full grain cowhide leather, solid wood and plywood structure, elastic strap webbing, polyurethane foam seat and polyester fibre. Indonesia’s sofa comes with palette of colours on Indonesia’s batiks, the fragrance of its flowers, spices and incense stir every sense. Please take a look for Indonesia’s sofa design from some inspirational picture below.
Indonesia's furniture Sofa collection from La Maison Coloniale
Indonesia's furniture Sofa collection from La Maison Coloniale
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