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Just “SwiTCh” it and turn into table or chair

Posted by admin on April 25, 2011

Creative design by Ellen Ectors, the Switch Table Chair. This creative design is created for her graduation work from Sint Lukas Brussels and made by Ellesco International.

The concept is very simple, chair turning into a table and vice versa. The table and chair are combination of two geometrical shapes, a cube and a sphere.

Switch Table Chair

It is made from wooden structure of massif oak and leather where the ball is filled with polyether foam. So beautiful, colorful and playful. Congratulations for the design.

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Mesh table for coffee or side table

Posted by admin on

Mesh table

Mesh table is designed by Ed Carpenter and André Klauser for Established & Sons. The table is made of mesh metal base. Come with round shape, this table is suitable as a coffee or side table.

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Get unique addition to your living room with this coffee table

Posted by admin on April 12, 2011

It’s creative coffee table design, maybe you will not expect it if this is a furniture. Designer Micth Steinmetz designed this coffee table inspired by photo album.

Remembrance coffee table

Called Remembrance, this could be a unique addition to any living room, adding your personality and creativity.

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Watson table with 4 DNA legs by Paul Loebach

Posted by admin on April 11, 2011

dna inspired table

Designed by Paul Loebach, the Watson table is a table inspired by the DNA structure at its four legs. Designer was influenced by English furniture of the late 1600’s where the object features bold with structural legs that are reminiscent of open wood twistings. This table is made of wood and carbon composite and utilizes the inherent rigidity of carbon as a structural core, creating a symbolic composition of maximum strength with minimal materials.

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Fun Dining Room Decor with colorful furniture pieces

Posted by admin on March 24, 2011

This time we found bright colored dining tables. At first glance we get ideas for decorating the dining room with fun color, because we believe this dining table will inspire many colors for decorating the dining room become more colorful.

Dining Tables

The table is comes from Danish designer Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt. According to the designer: The tabletops are made of leftover wood from the Danish kitchen manufacturer Multiform. The patterns are constructed of wood, laminates and handpainted wood… The tables are approximately 92 x 190 x 74 cm. The tabletops have been lacquered and the metal frames are painted in different colors.

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Dent Coffee Table with Storage form Nendo

Posted by admin on March 20, 2011

Coffee Table with Storage

Dent coffee table is come with unique storage like a bowl. The storage is on top surface in white ceramic, it can serve as smaller storage and can be utilised as a separate entity, allowing the resulting ‘dent’ (as implied by the name) to serve as additional space.

Pure white color with delicate touch is perfect for your modern interior.

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Table to ease you store something – Inflow table

Posted by admin on March 7, 2011

Yeah.. finally I found the table that I want… because I was the one who is not good at keeping things that I often use, Inflow table from Animi Causa enables to put all objects I often use inside. Made of approximately 1000 meters of an elastic string wrapped around a metal structure, Inflow table has shape like the material itself, like a loose rubber band. I’m thinking to set the corner of my room with this table.

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Wooden dressing tables with mirror by Olgoj Chorchoj studio

Posted by admin on February 21, 2011

Olgoj Chorchoj studio has created this wooden dressing tables with mirror for Process.

wooden dressing tables with mirror

The table made of black walnut wood stands on polished stainless steel sockle. A circular mirror perfectly hidden, ready to use if you need, this is also a way to save space solutions. More amazingly, under the mirror there are four partitions for storing cosmetics or jewelry or other small accessories. Designer also adds a drawer for a bigger items.

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