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The beauty of flowers in a dining table – Elite collection

Posted by admin on March 29, 2010

Designed by Carl Muller for Elite Manufacturing Company, this is Tulip contemporary dining table with features steel petals that curved oversized ½” thick beveled glass top. A Champagne-plated accent shelf adds a touch of sparkle, so elegant. This dining table is coordinate with any popular dining chairs from Elite, where steel frames are offered in Topaz, Onyx, Mocha, and Sienna. For more elegant dining table please visit Elite site. [image by: Elite]
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Cobra Nox, coffee table by Ca Nova Design

Posted by admin on March 25, 2010

Designed by Ca Nova Design for Cattelan Italia, this is Italian coffee table with a design inspired by cobra snake in the desert, Cobra Nox. Cobra Nox is coffee table with base in polished stainless steel, one or two swivelling clear glass tops. Legs made from natural beech wood or stained walnut, cherry, wenghe with colors silver, white or black. Please note the picture below, you’ll be interested in a unique design. Please visit Cattelan Italia site for more coffee table design idea. [image by: Cattelan Italia]

3 tables collection from Acerbis – strength of wood, stainless steel and crystal

Posted by admin on March 21, 2010

This is three tables collection from Acerbis: Axis, Serenissimo and Grant. Axis was designed by Oscar Buratti and Gabriele Buratti, this table made of wooden at the top and legs in thin polished stainless steel plates, placed onto different perpendicular axes. The unusual legs position has been designed to support the top in an aerial and visibly light way, granting at the same time great stability and comfortable seating around the table.
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Voilà, expandable console table from Ozzio – amplifies your space

Posted by admin on March 20, 2010

Designed by Ozzio this T026 Voilà, a metal frame expandable console table with aluminum telescopic mechanism. Voilà is a console that amplifies your space. It turns into a table of medium and large size with an essential and elegant design. The use of trendy finishes like glossy white lacquered or oak wenge with chrome legs makes it perfect for the contemporary living. If you interested, please visit Ozzio site for further information. -via- ozzio [image by: Ozzio]

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3 modern expandable dining tables, Hülsta collection – wooden materials

Posted by admin on March 16, 2010

Here are three new modern expandable dining tables from Hülsta, ET 1500, ET 1400 and ET 1000 plus models. All of them are made in the minimalist style which is characteristic for this German company. The first model ET 1500 stands out from two others by its sculptural shape and original base. The base is quite big, but provides ample legroom. If you prefer more traditional dining tables with 4 legs then ET 1000 plus or ET 1400 could become a stylish centerpiece of your modern dining room. All these tables are available in various finishes so could suit for any interior design. Although they look the most effective in a natural wood finish. These 3 modern tables have comfortable and very practical top constructions, which allow to easily expand them. Take a look and pick one that you like for your dining room. [image by: Hülsta] – via – DD
For further detail specification you should visit Hülsta site.

ET 1000 Plus

ET 1400

ET 1500
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Japanese dining table sets from Hara Design – designed for the Japanese tradition

Posted by admin on March 14, 2010

Japan, a country of inspiration for a technology and design. If you ever go there, you would be interested in their traditions, they are accustomed to eating comfortably on the floor, really on the floor, of course with a dining table that set in the design according to their traditions. To get a taste of that tradition, Hara Design has designed dining furniture sets with Japanese taste. Please see and imagine how you eat in a Japanese tradition. [image by:Hara Design] – via – tevami

Lets “BURN” your Coffee Table – modern furniture fireplaces collection from Planika Fires

Posted by admin on March 13, 2010

Designed by Christoper Piller for Planika Fires and by Planika Fires, internationally recognized brand in coffee tables with built-in fireplace. This is modern furniture fireplaces with real fire which use FANOLA bio-fuel from Planika Fires. A coffee table with real fire the unique concept. Traditional sitting room with a fireplace, built-in cabinetry, overstuffed sofa and footstool, wooden coffee table, and roman blinds over a bay window stock. The fuel produce no smoke or odor what makes it perfect as for outdoors as for indoors furniture. They make not only classic free standing or wall mounted fireplaces but also coffee tables with built-in fireplaces. Coffee table from this collection are not only practical but also allows us to enjoy the ambience of fire. So what did you waiting for, lets “burn” your coffee table. For further detail specification please visit Planika Fires site. – via – best design news

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It is not a mirror – it is not a table, so what kind of this ?

Posted by admin on March 10, 2010

If you’ve seen transformers movie where a lot robots transformed into a car and vice versa, you must be thinking how creative design of this table or mirror from Porada. I am also confused, I do not know how should to categorizes, mirror or table, okay let’s call it a mirror table or a table mirror, I am still confused …. Whatever kind of this, lets call it dining table, please if you have another opinion. Look at the picture below, a very creative design, you can fold it and then attach it to the wall then so be it a mirror. You want to make a dining table, simply place it on the floor get out the folds, it’s easy. – via – captivatist

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