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Indonesia’s inspiration dining table set, La Maison Coloniale collection

Posted by admin on February 11, 2010

Mix Dining and Angkor Dining Set Ambiance is two dining set collection from La Maison Coloniale. Mix dining set made with solid ancient recycled teak, tenon and mortise assembly, metal structure, polyurethane foam seat upholstered with leather and covered with 100 % cotton fabric. The Angkor dining set made with teak and unrolled bamboo, shellac lacquer with hand-rubbed varnish finish. Please take a look for dining table design from some inspirational picture below, and for further detail you should visit La Maison Coloniale.

MIX Dining Set Ambiance from La Maison Coloniale
Indonesia's furniture dining table set from La Maison Coloniale

ANGKOR Dining Set Ambiance from La Maison Coloniale
Indonesia's furniture dining table set from La Maison Coloniale

EVA – Transparancy table sets from Baita Design

Posted by admin on February 8, 2010

EVA table and chair sets are designed by Baita Design. EVA is a table sets with transparancy style, transparancy makes this table set seems very fresh and light. This table sets made of a single molded acrylic sheet and its feet are made of anodized aluminum. It is fits as well as a dining room sets or as an office desk. What makes it different is the internal space where can be placed several object to the containers like stationery and or your favorite flower.

EVA furniture transparancy table sets from Baita Design

Internal space in the seat to place books, magazine, hand bags, etc. See more how to applicated ….. read more »

Dining table design ideas from Artelano

Posted by admin on February 7, 2010

Here is six dining table collection from a french editor of high-end contemporary furniture, Artelano, that I choose for you. More information about the six dining table is after the picture. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Table de repas MORE AND MORE dining table design from artelano

De Repas Dining Table

De repas dining table, designed by Eric Gizard, this table has white laquered glass top, 2 extensions 55 x 90 cm, 2 extensions sides located under the glass top brushed steel frame.

Slim dinning table design from artelano

Slim Dinning Table

Slim Dinning Table, designed by Piero Lissoni & Associati, this dining table wenge stained oak veneer on mdf topand legs.

read more »

Modern table with seven different hues that can change your moods

Posted by admin on February 4, 2010

For those of you who get bored with the table design that looks like a box and impressed like a dead thing, you should try one of the innovations from the I-Beam Design. I-Beam Table, table that constructed from a frosted, polycarbonate, honeycomb surface. A series of LED lights are embedded just beneath the surface, and emit a sexy, soft glow when lit. The LEDs come in 7 different hues that can be changed using the desk’s control dial, allowing you to shuffle through the colors as your mood changes. Try using red to motivate action, green for warmth and coziness, and blue for relaxation. I like this table, what about you ?

Modern table with led design from ibeam

Modern table with led design from ibeam

I-BEAM TABLE from I-BEAM [Photos by Glenn Lazzaro]