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Maintain 180 sqm apartment with cutting-edge home technology

Posted by admin on March 29, 2011

Goes to Stockholm, this 180 sqm apartment was designed by Mats Gustafson, a project of Upgrade Living.

Mats Gustafson give Oriental philosophy taste to this minimalist apartment but maintained with cutting-edge technology, with every aspect being controlled by remote, from air conditioning system to blinds and fireplace.

apartment home technology

Finished in pure white, gives the impression of clean minimalism. Contemporary furniture, large paintings, little philosophy corners such as the subtle but powerful fireplace decorated with rocks are added as elegant feature to the apartment.

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White house ceramic interior in Madrid, Spain

Posted by admin on

If you are looking for interior design inspiration with the dominance of ceramics, this interior design from Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez is the most perfect examples. The designer have succeeded in designing Ceramic House, precisely convert an attic rooms of a house in Madrid, Spain into a new living space with a variety of spaces. And here what are you looking for – all parts of the interior are covered by ceramic.

White house ceramic

It’s good designs, where transition between the rooms is continuous and lets the movement flow freely across the numerous levels. The spatial flexibility that transforms this home is an innovative housing concept which adapts itself to the actual necessities and to the new usages.

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Fun House for Happy Family – “O_o” by NRJA Architecture

Posted by admin on March 25, 2011

fun house

This house is designed for active family with kids, of course, happy family. The house built with great pleasure with cute and fun forms.

NRJA Architecture build this house in Latvia, it has shape looks like a playhouse composed of a huge Lego blocks of bright colors. Called “O_o” house, a name taken from unusual openings on the upper module. Check this out…

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Cottage guest house designs by Alexandra Angle

Posted by admin on March 18, 2011

Cottage guest house

Designed by Alexandra Angle, Los Feliz guest house is combination of mid-century Scandinavian pieces with a Southern California palette, these combination produce a beautiful cottage with beautiful style in indoor and outdoor.

A cottage as a place that really bring peacefulness…

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The 1931 water tower change into amazing Apartment

Posted by admin on March 16, 2011

Never imagined before, if this water tower can change into a delicate apartment. At a glance the water tower from the year 1931 looks ordinary, but you’ll be surprised when you enter into it.

Zecc Architects has managed to change the apartment with amazingly. A three-level high window frame was built to let in more daylight. In the interior: steel, concrete and other materials were adopted to keep the interior’s industrial characteristics. The architects used simple but practical furniture to suit the needs of the tower interior.

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Small apartment decorating ideas : maximize the bedroom loft

Posted by admin on March 9, 2011

Small apartment decorating

Jordan Parnass Digital Achitecture has succeeded in designing interior in very small apartment to be an attractive interior. The architects says: a bedroom loft creates space for a roomy walk-in closet below, while stair risers conceal a series of built-in drawers. Meticulously detailed millwork provides ample storage, making this small-footprint apartment extremely efficient… It’s interesting.

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Apartment interior redesign in Madrid by A-Cero

Posted by admin on

A-Cero has redesign eight apartment interior in the centre of Madrid. Each apartment has a different distribution but every house has provide four or more bedrooms with its bathrooms, kitchen, lounge – dining room, utilities area and a toilette. This new luxurious apartments will be leased.

apartment interior design

In the interior of A-Cero really completely change into luxury apartments that are ready to be occupied. For the kitchens and bathrooms equipped with furniture with a floor made of different materials: travertine marble, wood and porcelánico dark gray. Goes to living area, A-Cero added furniture with modern design in grey, black and white. And for bedroom, the furniture is made of organic shapes that cover corners with sinuous curves.

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Three story houses : Good Real Estate location

Posted by admin on February 19, 2011

Architekt DI Johann Lettner actually managed to take advantage of environmental conditions when building this magnificent house. This three-story house have planned sections on each floor. This is a good example for good real estate location.

Three story houses

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