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Dune, simple minimalist basins from Omvivo

Posted by admin on April 26, 2010

Designed by Thomas Coward for Omvivo, this is Dune, basins inspired by the ever-changing undulations of sand dunes. created from Corian, Dune has a discreet yet functional bowl which is available on the left or right hand side. Dune is available in Night Sky Corian, Cameo White Corian and Glacier White Corian finishes.
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Gustavsberg bathtub design by Note Design Studio

Posted by admin on

Note Design Studio trying to assures the bathtub to become a natural part of the interior through “Gustavsberg” bathtub design. Bathtub that designed by using the standard measurements of tiles when designing the tub front, designer took well known and accepted measurements that will continue exist for a long time in bathrooms and integrated in the design. [notedesignstudio]
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Axor bathroom design idea by Patricia Urquiloa – the touch of femininity

Posted by admin on April 22, 2010

Designed by Patricia Urquiloa for Hansgrohe a German manufacturer of bathroom products. Here is Axor bathroom, eclectic design with a touch of sweet femininity and lays great emphasis on plants.
See Axor philosophy after the jump.
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Robbiano Blue from Ceramica Flaminia – wash basin for your small bathroom

Posted by admin on April 20, 2010

Here new product from Ceramica Flaminia, Italian company which is famous for production of all kinds of a high quality sanitary ware with very attractive designs. Robbiano Blue, nice wash basin with small size. The Robbiano is a lay-on sink with a modern square shape with curved corners. It differs from other basins by its compact habit blue matte finish, making it the amazing and elegant décor of any contemporary bathroom. via
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Thais Art whirlpool tub from Blubleu, it’s true spa experience

Posted by admin on April 7, 2010

Designed by BluBleu, this is Thais Art whirlpool tub. It’s boasts a high-end aesthetic that is matched only by its spa-inspired functions. The large, square shape of the tub works well in minimalist and modern bathroom designs, and complements its generous size – 235 by 215 cm. Seat cushions and head rests allow you to sit back and relax while enveloped in the warm, whirling water.
The acrylic whirlpool tub is finished in a rich teak enclosure, complete with shelves to store your favorite books, candles, potions and lotions to make your bath a true spa experience. source….trendir
Whether you like it? if yes, please visit BluBleu site for further information.
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The magic “Shoe Bathtub” from SICIS – only for woman who falls in love in shoe

Posted by admin on March 27, 2010

Have you ever imagined you live in a world of fairy tales, things could not possibly come true. Well, SICIS introduced a magic shoe in a bathtub that is ready to pamper you, but this is not a fairy tale, this is reality. Designed by Massimiliano Della Monaca, a designer from Italy, the piece was adorned with beautiful mosaic tiles to accent its beauty and salute the classic “pump” shoe. Shoe bathtub should be a perfect addition to a woman who falls in love with the shoes design to combine on the bathroom furniture to create a work of extraordinary art in your bathroom. Please visit SICIS site for further detail specification. – via – furniture store blog

“Beyond”, shower and tub by Glass Idromassaggio – corner installation

Posted by admin on March 26, 2010

Designed by Italian designer Glass Idromassaggio, this is “Beyond” a new shower with modern and elegance of a bathtub. Designed for corner installation, the tray has softly rounded edges, finished in a matte black or white. It also include an enclosure of 8 millimeter clear tempered glass. The monolith block mounted on the wall can be finished in several different materials to suite your style and surroundings. You can put it on your bathroom that is relatively small in size, these are the hallmarks of “Beyond”. Please visit Glass Idromassaggio site for more stylish designs for your bathrooms. – via – cubeme

Let’s coloring your bathroom interior with FLUX, bathroom furniture from Lasa Idea

Posted by admin on March 18, 2010

If you’re looking for bathroom furniture that is full of color with a modern design, may be Lasa Idea is a suitable place for your visit. Lasa Idea is ItaIian company that concentrating on bathroom furniture products, FLUX is one of their bathroom furniture collection. The bright colors combined with shiny stainles would be the main attraction. You are free to choose which collections are suitable for your bathroom design. Take a look and I hope this is the right choice for decorating ideas to your bathroom. For further detail please visit Lasa Idea site. [image by: Lasa Idea]

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