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Feel be one with nature with high quality wooden bathtub-Laguna Pearl series

Posted by admin on February 25, 2010

NewsHouse-Bathroom. This is bathtub from Laguna, with an attractive design and high quality workmanship, also natural warmth of wood made it the central eye-catching element in every bathroom. This is another touch to a bathtub, you will be taken at one with nature by natural wood wrapped. Try and feel the difference. There’s also a special bath for the spa-Laguna Spa.
Here is some information from Laguna :
Our free-standing model. Thanks to its compact external dimensions and the simple mode of installation it can also be installed in an existing bathroom with minimum trouble. Its attractive design and high-quality workmanship as well as the natural warmth of the wood make it the central eye-catching element in every bathroom.

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Sexiest bathtub inspired by shape of eggs by Victoria and Albert

Posted by admin on February 24, 2010

NewsHouse-Bathroom. Designed by Victoria and Albert this is Organic Egg Nappoli Bathubs. Inspired by the shape of eggs, designers try to design a bathtub with a comfortable arch and keep low step-in height. Intended to stand freely without buffer or leaning on the wall, so it’s easy to get placed anywhere in your bathroom. A very sexy designs to keep you remain comfortable in the shower.

Bathroom appliance sets with natural concept from Hoesch

Posted by admin on February 19, 2010

Bathroom is completed with name SensaMare another product from Hoesch. It turns out that all of the bathroom shower, tub and sink. These are active people who enjoy modern and comfortable furniture, as required. If you’re one of them, you should interested with SensaMare. SensaMare offers a place where you can relax and recover. You can start the day with a fresh and vibrant. Comfortable Jacuzzi could help restore your energy after a busy day at work. All products are made in a contemporary minimalist style that goes well into black and white. One of the most interesting features of this series is a combination of white acrylic with exotic woods, adding a natural touch. – via – DD

Here some information about SensaMare product from Hoesch :
Experience sensuous minimalism, a bathroom of captivating naturalness and harmony. The new SensaMare complete bathroom by yellow design unlocks timeless elegance, which meets the highest demands for comfort. The design idea is based on power and expressiveness of clear unpretentious forms. It follows the concept of tension trough contrasts. The combination of cubistic and circular elements forms the basis of SensaMare. The use of controversial materials makes the tension even stronger. SensaMare is a completely new interpretation of a bathroom.

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Cube – Elegant minimalist shower boxes from Albatros

Posted by admin on

Designed by Albatros Idoemozioni, this is Cube a modern and minimalist shower boxes, with clear glass wall Cube looks elegant. The shower is equipped with panel available, covered with teak, as the moat and removable seat transparent methacrylate. Cube shower boxes completed vapor system with on-off steam bath. Available in wall and corner version.

Cube shower boxes could be the right choice for you who are looking for bath appliances with an elegant minimalist concept. For further detail please visit Albatros site.

Simply CUNA bathtub design by Carlo Colombo

Posted by admin on February 6, 2010

Italian architect Carlo Colombo has designed the CUNA bathtub for Antonio Lupi. And here’s description from Antonio Lupi:

Created to stand in the middle of the bathroom as its absolute protagonist, the Cuna tub has a high, important backrest. Backrest inclination and height make this tub welcoming, comfortable and giving you total relaxation. The base shape is rectangular, but sides are rounded, another singularity making the tub really comfortable.

Simply CUNA bathtub design by Carlo Colombo
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Design your bathroom with Japanese style baths tubs – Ofuros and Neptune collection

Posted by admin on February 4, 2010

Are you one lovers of authentic Japanese style? If yes, then you would be interested with this baths tubs from Ofuros and Neptune collection. Ofuros collection inspired by traditional authentic Japanese bath is an object of beauty and a quiet place to cleanse the soul. The wood used is traditional Cedar and Hinoki of the finest quality ;vertical grained, quarter;sawn heartwood, properly dried and free of defects. This wonderful wood has a lovely citrus aroma similar to lemon. Neptune is inspired by the Japanese tradition of relaxing in a mineral bath heated by the country’s many volcanoes. More clearly, here are a few collections of Ofuro and Neptune which I chose for you.
Ofuros and Neptune collection. [VIA]

Hinoki Japanese Ofuro Bath – Rectangular

bathroom design Hinoki Japanese Ofuro Bath RectangularHinoki Japanese Ofuro Bath – Circular

bathroom design Hinoki Japanese Ofuro Bath CircularHandcraft these tubs using a blend of ancient and modern woodworking techniques.   The wood is traditional Hinoki of the finest quality – vertical grained, quarter-sawn heartwood, properly dried and free of defects. Rectangular models come in 4 sizes .  These tubs can be installed inside or outdoors and include a solid brass toe tap drain.   22″ of depth makes this a total immersion tub.

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Luxury modern minimalism bathtub with natural therapies from Pearl Baths

Posted by admin on February 2, 2010

Present at the luxuries, Ambrosia inspired by the amazing natural beauty of the greek. The bathtub is looks minimalist when it comes to looks and its completed with an array of five therapies; air therapy, hydrotherapy, heat therapy, chromatherapy and aromatherapy, its allows you to custom design your at home spa experience. Ambrasia also experienced to help you enjoy a relaxing with transmits power and luxury. For more ideas visit Pearl Baths.

Ambrosia Luxury modern minimalism bathtub with natural therapies from Pearl Baths

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