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IKEA’s Futuristic Kitchen Concept for 2040

Posted by admin on November 8, 2010

IKEA's Futuristic Kitchen Concept for 2040

Do you ever imagine how your kitchen design the next 30 years. If it is not inconceivable, perhaps the idea from IKEA about futuristic kitchen concept for the year 2040 could be the answer. The kitchen completed with self-cleaning kitchen counters, 3D holographic displays, cabinets on rails, a “sixth-generation” iPad, remote-controlled ovens, and a host of ultra-efficient energy-saving systems.

This futuristic kitchen concept is our dream for the future, IKEA’s great vision for kitchen-based smart energy monitoring and 3D food printers, could be our hope in the year 2040. But you need to remember, IKEA doesn’t specialize in consumer electronics, so we don’t expect any of these products to actually come from the company.

With this great idea, at least we have dreams to be realized. Right?

via : inhabitat, electricpig

Modern Concept of Japanese Teppanyaki Cooking Style – Philips “Green Cuisine” Kitchen

Posted by admin on November 7, 2010

Philips Green Cuisine Kitchen

If you have ever heard the Japanese Teppanyaki cooking style, where cooking and eating can be done in the same place, then you would be interested with this Philips “Green Cuisine” eco-friendly kitchen. As well as the Japanese Teppanyaki cooking style, all the appliances work together on an interactive Kitchen Table. The performance indicator monitors and displays energy consumption, which give you an idea of how much energy is consumed by you. With this indicator will certainly help you control your home energy use. read more »

Kitchen Design from Stosa

Posted by admin on October 8, 2010

kitchen cabinets

This Stosa’s kitchen design can add your inspiration in decorating the kitchen. The main concept of this kitchen is something that contrasts with the asymmetric shape. Kitchen cabinets with an unusual shape to take advantage of storage and style. Design collection comes with a wide selection of colors and in natural wooden finish. Please visit Stosa site for further detail. read more »

Yellow Kitchen Remodeling Ideas from Mesons

Posted by admin on September 18, 2010

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

These kitchen decorating ideas come from Mesons. Yellow lines combined with subtle black and white forming a beautiful combination kitchen interior. This beautiful kitchen set namely Vetronica and has been designed by Micro Zanini. This is an example of interior design kitchens that combine functionality, ergonomic concept and beautiful designs in a very good quality. read more »

Modern Kitchen Ideas with bright colorful design for Beach House by Kim Duffin

Posted by admin on August 31, 2010

Modern Kitchen Ideas

The bright colorful modern kitchen has been designed by Australian kitchen designer Kim Duffin for beach houses. This concept is a requested by his client who desired a “funky vibrant kitchen space” for their modern home. And Kim Duffin has managed to make it happen, a kitchen with full-color, sleek, cheerful, and sophisticated. read more »

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas inspired by natural beauty from Linda Paul

Posted by admin on June 30, 2010

Are you are looking for kitchen backsplash ideas?

Kitchen backsplash design ideas from Linda Paul could be the right choice. The most popular one is Tuscan Kitchen mural including a fat Italian chef statue, wine barrels, cheese & sausages, Chianti wine bottles, a rooster & Italian ceramics under an arched tunnel overlooking a Tuscan landscape of rolling hills, farmhouse & cypress trees. Further detail you could see the picture below.

In our opinion, designs from Linda Paul is a very creative designs inspired by natural beauty.

So, let’s brings in freshness amid your kitchen fatigue. Take a look.

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Creative kitchen designs by Lago – you’ll never get bored in the kitchen

Posted by admin on June 1, 2010

Bright, cheerful colors, tables and cabinets are expressed in a variety of colors. This creative kitchen designs are designed by Lago, display cheerfulness and variety of storage solutions in the form of pullout draws, cabinets and pantries. Balanced on clear inserts or mounted on the wall, these designs give the impression that they are hovering off the floor. via trendir

Lago designing this kitchen not only as a place to cook, but as the room which will be frequently used at home, you can work in this kitchen or just accompany cooking. Look at this creative kitchen designs, we are confident you will never get bored in the kitchen.
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Contemporary kitchen furniture sets from In House Design

Posted by admin on May 16, 2010

Established in 1997 by partners Philip Nolan and Fred Frazer who have combined experience of over 40 years in the kitchen design business. In House Design have a large portfolio of Kitchens, Fitted Bedroom Furniture and Fitted Office/Study Furniture. And here are some examples of kitchen furniture design from In House Design. Kitchen furnitures from In House Design designed with a contemporary modern concept, a combination of wood, metal and marble, produce a beautiful and functional kitchen furniture sets.
Take a look.
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