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Classic Interior with Black and White Excellent Combination

You can lighten up a house with two basic colors, black and white. That is what exactly these pictures are trying to tell you. With the right combination of black and white colors, the sky is the limit to create such a comfortable space to live. Take a look at those furniture and wallpapers. These are blended nicely in the atmosphere of black and white. That creates an astonishing look to the overall home area spaces and at the same time also keeping everything as stylish as possible. Who said that creating a stylish area requires you to have colorful paints? Now you have these pictures as the proof.

This elegant yet classic-look house was created by Russian architect, Yulian Chaplinsky in Moscow. If you’re a Russian, then you’ll easily to notice that the house design was adapted from the classic design of Izba, a traditional Russian house that made of logs. Izba is usually the place for peasants to live. But one thing for sure, the designer wasn’t adapted the Izba design entirely. There are still some scents of classic French here, especially the color. While the real logs are colored brownish with some patterns on it, here you can see that the logs were colored plain white. And to be honest, that is what becoming the main attraction to the overall house interior design.

When you go further and explored the entire interior carefully, you’ll find how everything is designed to be contrasted one to another. Take example of the black lamp that is really contrast with the white ceiling where it hung, classic style black and white fireplace, sofa, and even dining table accessories with black and white scents. And you should know that the house wasn’t pictured with black and while camera, but these contrast-colored accessories made it so.
Ref: greenorang

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