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Contemporary Chair Design inspired by form of the mussel by Hanne Kortegaard

Designed by Danish-based designer Hanne Kortegaard, this is Mussel Chair a contemporary chair design inspired by the form of the mussel. Further detail from designer is after the jump…

contemporary chair design
Mussel Chair by Hanne Kortegaard

Mussel chair
comfy chair by Hanne Kortegaard
chair chusions
chair chusions
Mussel chair by Hanne Kortegaard

Description from Hanne Kortegaard :
The Mussel is intended for young people but also children and adults. I have tried to visualize the symbiosis that can occur between child and adult in a cozy environment. Transferring the concept and form of the mussel, into a form where I have let myself be inspired by the mussels idiom. Because the mussel for me symbolizes and expresses the symbiosis and dependence of two objects – the shell and the mussel.
via {furnicraft}

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