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Creative table design by John Grabham – 1FORMTABLE

Creative table design from John Grabham, 1FORMTABLE. The 1FORMTABLE is a table with 18 dvd’s house features. You also can put snacks and beverages at the room which is created along with an overhang surface top. Not only that, on the curved sections you can save books, journals or more personal accessories. More description from designer is after the jump…

creative table designs

From the designer :
The original 1FORMTABLE concept was to be made from steel, however once a steel prototype was made I noticed that it was not feasible and the table was extremely heavy. Therefore I discussed the material Corian with a friend who had recently used it, I researched into the material then later proposed my design to DuPont. They were extremely helpful with any changes and suggestions to the design. After productive meetings over dimensions and final tweaks to the concept, the first prototype was successfully made.


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