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Decorating for the Season-Winter

living-room-decorating-for winter

It’s winter and it’s time to make the inside of your home feel warm and welcoming.  An it’s time to welcome the winter season in style.

Some ideas:

1) Use soft and fluffy throws to make the room feel cozy. You can easily, and cheaply, change the look and feel of a favorite bed, chair or couch with throws.

2) Use warm colored pillows and cushions to add comfort and warmth. Colors, dark reds, burnt oranges, and softness of pillows create a cozy environment. Select dark colors and patterns.

3) Decorate using nature as your guide. Earthy touches of stone, wood, and floral create an inviting environment.

Don’t forget to light a nice warn glowing fire when you have company, or when you are alone for that matter.

Worry less about clutter and make your rooms inviting and warm.

Snuggle up with a warm cup of coffee and enjoy the winter season.

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