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Don’t miss your business even in the bathroom – modern digital bathroom design by Ideal Standard

What are you doing in the bathroom, just take an bath to clean your body, or what? … Let’s take a moment to imagine life in the future, all the all-digital (although today can say is included in that period), the need for internet connection for business purposes or entertainment become basic needs that cannot be separated. While you are brushing your teeth at the sink or while soaking in the bathtub that you thinking is only the movement of your stock investing, or perhaps you are a public figure who always wondered what the journalists preached about yourself. Well, something like that concept of this bathroom, look at the two big monitors attached to the wall with internet connected, you will not miss information for your business, amazing. A glance of this bathroom is in a contemporary design, but the lighting, room arrangement, furniture selection showing all in the modern design. – via – mabeslor.com
This bathroom designed by Ideal Standard

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