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Eco Working Space in Koza Holding Headquarter

One of the Craft312 Studio project that we can make as inspiration is the Koza Holding Headquarter. This office is having 6000m2 functional space with 300 workers. The office is separated in three spaces: entrance and information service area, offices and inner garden and refectory and design studios. We can also find 200m building that act as a horizontal skyscraper. The building is made by peeling the walls off and makes the columns for new functional space. When we enter the entrance, we will find a sense of luxury. Another atmosphere that we can find on the entrance is prestige. The use of wooden and granite panel is building such a prestigious atmosphere. The materials are applied and designed in the smart modern way with linear design. A continuity is also brought form the entrance to the other room, so it will give a comfortable design circulation.

Right above the administration area, we will find modern paneled wall and stair that are set right behind the reception area. When we enter the building deeper, then we will be able to see a smart continuation through the L-shaped wooden corridor with an interesting lighting. The light is well designed and hidden in the wooden panels, so its serve comfortable and elegant atmosphere on the entrance. The wooden corridor will connect us to the café and the garden middle part area. One of the concepts of this building is Green Office, so the inner garden is truly the representation of the concept. With the inner garden, workers will be able to see the plants and feel the comfort that is served by the nature. The inner garden was set in a perfect setting, so the sunlight can enter the area through the ceiling grid. Another best thing about the inner garden area is the water curtain. The water curtain is placed right in the middle of the garden. It is made in order to give a total relaxation to the workers.

Some other areas that we can find are work stations, meeting facilities, storage units, libraries and many others. The storage units are well-designed using materials like wood and acrylic. The design of this office is made to fulfill the concept of eco environment in the working area. It blends modernity, plants, daylight and of course the perfect design.

Photos: Craft312 Studio
Ref: contemporist

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