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Ekokook, smart kitchen innovation from Faltazi

This Eco Kitchen designed by Faltazi with four main based components: waste management, food health, reduce energy consumption, and intelligent storage. Completed with several modules for distribution, processing and storage of organic solid and liquid wastes, and also built-in dishwasher, steam oven, refrigerators.

Eco Kitchen Ekokook name for this kitchen has many functions, there are shelves for cookbooks, although they can probably be used not only for them. These shelves are located on the extract, which are located on the plate for all tastes, that is, it is combining and gas burner, and wok ring, and the hotplate. Below as traditionally there is a steam oven, and working with water, placed in the reservoir below. Here are many compartments for storage of kitchen utensils and refrigeration chambers, storage modules for bottles, vegetables and fruits. There is a cutting board for cooking and sink for washing vegetables and just a sink, and a compartment for collecting water. Of course, most of all capture the different bulk and other storages, which are located above the main surface of the kitchen.


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