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Environmentally friendly Villa Design in Borlänge, Sweden by Kjellgren Kaminsky

Villa Nyberg

Located in Borlänge, Sweden, Villa Nyberg is designed as an environmentally friendly house by Kjellgren Kaminsky. According to the Kjellgren – energy simulation shows that the Villa Nyberg will have energy consumption for heating is only 25 kWh / m² year –

The villa is situated by a lake in a fur forest in central Sweden. Designed with round shape of the villa eliminates cold bridges and reduces the enclosing wall area of the house. With these designs is expected to reduce your boredom at home, because every time you move from one room to another, this villa offers a different view.

The living room and kitchen open up towards the views of the lake, the more private areas such as the bedrooms and bathrooms are situated on the other side of the house with smaller windows overlooking the forest.

Villa Nyberg is part of Sweden’s first series of passive house designed Kjellgren Kaminsky. Further detail please visit Kjellgren Kaminsky site.

Sweden villa
interior Villa Nyberg
living room villa design
small window bedroom
wooden wall design
Villa views
image by Kjellgren Kaminsky / www.kjellgrenkaminsky.se

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