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Fish House in Singapore by Guz Architects – harmony blending with nature

Located in Singapore, Fish House was designed by Guz Architects. Fish House is a type of modern home with the concept of harmony blending with nature, natural comfort from nature. Guz Architects designing Fish House to create a home that has a close relationship with nature and this is achieved by having a swimming-pool that connects the house with the landscape and visual connections with the sea eventually. The idea of connection is strengthened by having a basement-level media room with a u-shaped acrylic windows that allow natural light in and also spread the view to the pool. Roof arch, which symbolizes the ocean waves, also stressed the idea of the nearby sea. This is almost entirely covered with photovoltaic panels can bend the thin supply enough energy to homes, while the remaining are used as green roofs give residents some space to relax outdoors. via contemporist

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