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“Fusion” bed from Carpanelli – inspired by ancient drape

Designed by Carpanelli, this is Fusion bed. This bed has cm 215 x 225 x 113 h and cm 244 x 225 x 113 h for king size. And here is some information about this Fusion bed from Carpanelli; “This bedroom is a wise “fusion” of styles and contrasts. In every piece: bed – chest of drawers – bedside table – dressing table/desk – mirror, the precious, artistic lace inlaid in maple is evident. It is completely hand set like an ancient drape laid on the upper part of the piece. This “lace” representing an authentic novelty in the art of inlay has been made on a mahogany background with briarwood border.” Please visit Carpanelli site for further information. [image by: carpanelli]
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