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House with views over the Andes Mountains – Punta Chilen House by DRN

mountain house

Designed by DRN, Punta Chilen house located on the tip of a peninsula on the island of Chiloe. This house was designed at the site that offers an open view of the horizon 360º around it and distant views over the Andes mountains where at least 8 volcanos can be seen (some of them still active).

A rhythmic repetition of columns on the first floor carry the structure to the perimeter and generates changing shadows on the interiors. The oblique shape of the corten steel roof on the second floor defines an irregular perimeter opposed to the flat line of the horizon, creating a contained living space to inhabit during the rainy days of Chiloe.[DRN]

punta chilen house
interior mountain house
wooden dining room
living room
peninsula island house
living big sofa
white sofa cushions
roof house design
wooden roof design
backyard mountain house
image by DRN / drn.cl

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