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How to take advantage of unused space in small apartment became more functional? Idea from LOGOS

How to take advantage of unused small space into a functional room? at this time we give examples design from Logos, about how to take advantage of unused space in a small apartment to be used as a kitchen, although small but all the kitchen needs are within them. A new idea of the Logos to a small apartment on the beach belongs to Helena. According to the logoscoop.com an official Logos site;
A novel idea was to choose a kitchen hidden behind folding doors. The chosen solution did not make the kitchen into a feature, but added to the atmosphere of the rest of the house. This did not mean that the space was cramped or not functional as, despite being small, it had everything needed for a full kitchen. This kitchen therefore easily and discretely fitted in with the rest of the house, and can be left open or closed as Helena wants and with a special touch of originality and freshness thanks to the layered red and orange gloss colours.

image by Logos / www.logoscoop.com

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