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IKEA’s Futuristic Kitchen Concept for 2040

IKEA's Futuristic Kitchen Concept for 2040

Do you ever imagine how your kitchen design the next 30 years. If it is not inconceivable, perhaps the idea from IKEA about futuristic kitchen concept for the year 2040 could be the answer. The kitchen completed with self-cleaning kitchen counters, 3D holographic displays, cabinets on rails, a “sixth-generation” iPad, remote-controlled ovens, and a host of ultra-efficient energy-saving systems.

This futuristic kitchen concept is our dream for the future, IKEA’s great vision for kitchen-based smart energy monitoring and 3D food printers, could be our hope in the year 2040. But you need to remember, IKEA doesn’t specialize in consumer electronics, so we don’t expect any of these products to actually come from the company.

With this great idea, at least we have dreams to be realized. Right?

via : inhabitat, electricpig

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