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Lofoten Lounger: Australian outdoor furniture by Corey Baker

We are always amazed with wonderful designs from Australian designer, especially outdoor furniture. Fresh designs, natural, luxurious and always comfortable.

The Lofoten Lounger from Australian designer Corey Baker is one such example, this lounger is laminated counter-tension bamboo supports combine with stainless steel. It features to create a strong yet visually lightweight.

Designer says: Thoughtful fanned positioning of these supports create the curvaceous form, ensuring optimal comfort and vital lumbar support. Ecologically sustainable and renewable bamboo (naturally oiled) is complemented by intertwined stainless steel features, making this versatile lounger ideal for many environments.

“making this versatile lounger ideal for many environments” you can put it on the garden, poolside or anywhere you feel fit, because Lofoten Lounger will easily adjust with the surrounding environment.
Corey Bakervia.

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