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Lounge Table design combined with LED Lighting

Designed by Moree, this is beautiful lounge table with led lighting variations.
Designed for indoor or outdoor. Garden, terrace or in the living room does not matter, because the different versions of Lounge offer unlimited possibilities.

The illuminating design table that fills any environment with atmospheric light. The brightness can be changed by a dimmer control. The cable length can be adjusted and hidden away due to the smart storage design, integrated into the table.[moree]

Made from combination of ABS, PMMA coated, gloss finish, UV resistant. This table is a new innovation for the furniture. There is nothing wrong if you make this table be one of the best collections for your interior or exterior design.

Lounge furniture by Moree

image by Moree / www.moree.de via topofdesigns.com
Please visit www.moree.de for further detail and prices.

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