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Luna Wall Lamps from SONNTAG & FRIESACHER

When spacious room as consideration in interior decorations is something expensive, you are required to be creative in choosing the right furniture. And if you are wrong in choosing the furniture, it’s means you have failed to decorate your room.

The following is one of the furniture lighting solutions for decoration, especially for those of you who have a small space.

This wonderful lamp come from SONNTAG & FRIESACHER. Luna Lamp series, Luna wall. This Luna wall lamp have only 2cm thick, with this size you are free to put it anywhere to hang on the room walls. And because it’s designed to hang on the wall, these lamps do not require more space.

It’s still possible to change the whole front of the LUNA with different acryglasses (colours and forms). The colour of the light can also be controlled with the remote control. You can mix colours and save it on the buttons on the RC. Than you have the option to start a colour-sequence in a time interval you wish.

The LUNA is 2cm thick. You can hang the LUNA horizontally or vertically, or lean it against a wall or put it on a sideboard.{Marco}

This is another collection that you must have to beautify your home interior.

wall lamps
Luna Wall Lamps from SONNTAG & FRIESACHER

wall lamps design
wall lamps
luna wall lamps
Further detail please visit www.sonntag-friesacher.ch
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