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Mazzo – Modern Decorative Curtains Design from Jeroen Vinken

Modern Decorative Curtains

Designed by Jeroen Vinken, this is Mazzo, a modern decorative curtains with beautiful patterns and colors. Mazzo curtains made of collection of curtain materials with a repeat design of many meters length, than it was joined with various fabric. Detail description from Jeroen Vinken is after the jump.

Detail description from Jeroen Vinken; source jeroenvinken.nl
‘MAZZO’ is a collection of curtain materials with a repeat design of many meters length. The fabric is 150 cm. wide and the length of the repeat varies from about 36m. to about 96m. Therefore, every length of curtain cut to hang somewhere will have a different design. In this way, unique variations of the same design are created to suit any room.

The material is made using the jacquard weaving technique whereby designs and colours are created by the binding system and are therefore woven-in. It is woven using 3, or 4, different coloured weft threads. Allowing the weft threads to come to the surface, to a greater or less degree, creates secondary colours. The yarn used in weaving is Trevira CS, which is a polyester yarn that is flame retardant.

My point of departure for this series of 7 designs was a bouquet, ‘mazzo’ with an individual change in each variant. The aim was to create a collection with large differences between each of the variants.

The range of colours in the series is based on classic colour principles where the three variables are hue, saturation and lightness.

curtains for living room
modern curtains design
image by Jeroen Vinken / www.jeroenvinken.nl

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