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Modern table with seven different hues that can change your moods

For those of you who get bored with the table design that looks like a box and impressed like a dead thing, you should try one of the innovations from the I-Beam Design. I-Beam Table, table that constructed from a frosted, polycarbonate, honeycomb surface. A series of LED lights are embedded just beneath the surface, and emit a sexy, soft glow when lit. The LEDs come in 7 different hues that can be changed using the desk’s control dial, allowing you to shuffle through the colors as your mood changes. Try using red to motivate action, green for warmth and coziness, and blue for relaxation. I like this table, what about you ?

Modern table with led design from ibeam

Modern table with led design from ibeam

I-BEAM TABLE from I-BEAM [Photos by Glenn Lazzaro]

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