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Multifunctional Wall Decoration Furniture from Ponti Terenghi X.Abitare

Wall Decoration Ideas

K-122 Tree from Ponti Terenghi is an example of multifunctional wall decoration furniture with trendy style. K-122 Tree can function as a wall bookshelves, cloth hanger and you also can find many other interesting applications according to your needs. Other hand, this creative wall decor looks like a beautiful torch, was able to add a touch of warmth in the room. Designers designed K-122 Tree into two levels; a transparent plate on the back of one color, and the tree shape they look more eye-catching. Interested with K-122 Tree, please visit X.Abitare for further detail.

Furniture Wall Decoration
wall bookshelves
image by Ponti Terenghi / www.pontiterenghi.com

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