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Multifunctional Modular Furniture – ReStyle by James Howlett

Multifunctional furniture design

ReStyle is a compact coffee table cluster, two tables, two chairs, storage, desk, a seat, and a book-shelf. ReStyle is a child’s dining table, TV and games unit, a playground for children, versatile. ReStyle is sustainable. ReStyle is whatever you want it to be. Something like that, James Howlett described the latest works of his multifunctional modular furniture design. Made of FSC certified plywood and finished with natural oil made from pressed seeds.

Description from James Howlett :
ReStyle is not one object, but a cluster of multifunctional modular forms. Each form is individually designed to serve many purposes and to be of use in almost any room in the house, but when needed the group comes together to build one compact coffee table.

The whole ReStyle system invites purposeful interaction with our living environment and the design promotes product longevity through versatility.
Further detail please visit James Howlett site.

Modular Furniture design
ReStyle furniture ideas
wooden furniture design
photo by Tom Dymond

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