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Multifunctional Modular Room Divider by Sherry An – SEPARATION Room Divider

Room Divider

Separation is the latest modern room divider design by Sherry An. Designed with a very creative, the ideas have never stopped for creativity. Comes with a modular concept to get a space that is more personal, Separation not only can function as a room divider, but also can serve as a DVD storage or as a mirror. Thank to Sherry An for this inspirational design. Description from designer is after the jump.

modern Room Divider
modular room divider

Description from designer :
The SEPARATION is a modern room divider for singles. For singles, there are usually working and leisure place combining in a room. After setting up the SEPARATION, the two kinds of lifestyle will be divided. Therefore, the users can both concentrate on their tasks and fully take a break during the spare time. Since there are different functions of planes which can be settled on the SEPARATION, the users can arrange their own dividers.

pictures of room dividers
mirror room divider
Sherry An Room Divider
image by Sherry An

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