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PacM chair inspired by Pacman game by Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo

Do you still remember with this furniture inspired by Pacman game below:

it was the work of Cho Hyung Suk.

This game seems to have inspired many designers to create his works. Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo designer created PacM chair. This chair also inspired by this old maze game, Pacman.

Description from designer is after the jump…

Description from designer:
The PacM chair…oh fells so nostalgic, old times, another type of fun…another ttype of games…
ThePacM chair fells just like that…inspired in the round lines of tha old game, send shivers to all of us that once played arcades.
Easy, fun, just lovable…nostalgic, and very stylish. Our yellow friend is back, and its so cool!

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