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Magnetic Key Holder : Key Pete

Key Holder

Comes with 6.5 cm x 7 cm x 5.5 cm in dimensions, Key Pete is a cute Magnetic Key Holder. Equipped with extra strong magnets, it will stick to any metal surface and hold your keys securely. It features a little colored man that can hold up to 30 keys at time. To hold up the keys, all you can do is just place the holder on the fridge or on any metal surface and it will be able to hold up keys. The key holder is made of plastic and if you see, it has a funny form that looks like a little man scaling a wall with suckers. – modresdes.

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Luxurious villa in Athens by Ismini Karali : Agia Marina villa

Located in Athens, this is a luxurious villa that was designed by Ismini Karali. With three-story and a total of 660 sqm building and also 4,000 sqm garden that surrounds it, this villa can be the most enjoyable place for family vacation.


Two swimming pools, in inside and outside, great interior design, promises more comfort during the holiday season.

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French style children bedroom furniture by Savio Firmino

This children bedroom furniture collection will bring a real fairy tale into your lovely child room. This bedroom furniture is come from Italian company Savio Firmino.

french bedroom furniture

Some collection from this Italian company are inspired by classic and romantic French style, detailed with beautiful scrollwork and carvings. Beautiful…

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Luxurious Modern Castle

The Sieger residence is a luxurious castle belonging to Charles Sieger of Sieger Suarez architects. Lets check this out, its amazing modern castle

luxury castle

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Superb sturdy foldable chair : Flux Foldable Chair

Flux is a foldable chair by Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten. This chair is made of sturdy polypropylene that can hold up to 352 pounds with just 10.6 pounds in weigh, wow…

Foldable Chair

Flux is designed for indoor and outdoor, with weatherproof material you don’t have to worry the chair will quickly broken when you put it at outdoors. This chair also available in eight different colors, you are free to choose according to your taste.

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Outdoor Fire Features ideas from Elena Colombo

If you are looking for the best ideas for outdoor fire features, try to see some fire features designs from Elena Colombo below:

outdoor fire features

Elena Colombo is a New York-based sculptor and architectural designer specializing in custom, site specific fire features. You could visit Elena Colombo website for further detail – here.

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Get unique addition to your living room with this coffee table

It’s creative coffee table design, maybe you will not expect it if this is a furniture. Designer Micth Steinmetz designed this coffee table inspired by photo album.

Remembrance coffee table

Called Remembrance, this could be a unique addition to any living room, adding your personality and creativity.

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Watson table with 4 DNA legs by Paul Loebach

dna inspired table

Designed by Paul Loebach, the Watson table is a table inspired by the DNA structure at its four legs. Designer was influenced by English furniture of the late 1600’s where the object features bold with structural legs that are reminiscent of open wood twistings. This table is made of wood and carbon composite and utilizes the inherent rigidity of carbon as a structural core, creating a symbolic composition of maximum strength with minimal materials.

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